Art of Self Care Incense Collection Sampler Pack

Art of Self Care Incense Collection Sampler Pack

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Our Incense Sticks are handmade, premium quality for luxurious home fragrance and self care practice. The scent from these incense sticks can have a pretty profound impact on your body, mind and spirit, assisting in creating the perfect atmosphere for calm, relaxation, and transcendence. Our incense sticks are intentionally crafted to help cleanse crystals, soothe your soul, provide the perfect fragrant atmosphere, and create an inviting space for you to tune in with your higher self. These incense sticks are also great for chakra balancing. Each of these scents also works with a particular chakra which is good for cleansing to remove blockages, increase energetic flow, and heal during meditation practice. Enhance your self care practice!

How to use Incense: Incense can be used for Meditation, Yoga, Aromatherapy, Cleansing, Smudging, Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Affirmation, Intention-Setting, Home Fragrance, Stress Relief, Anxiety and Odor Removing


This Sampler Pack Includes:

2 Art of Abundance incense sticks

Pear, Vanilla, Cashmere Wood, Coffee, Patchouli

Set your mind on the infinite and limitless possibilities and abundance available to you in life. All that you have and will have. Open yourself up to new possibilities and perspectives. Increase your vibrations to bring positive and abundant energy. Be grateful for all that you have and can have. Realize your potential and be open to everything your heart desires.

2 Art of Passion incense sticks

Damask Rose, Rhubarb, Ambrette

Transform your mood, find true love and joy from within and increase your vibrations to create a moment of passion, creativity, optimism and tenderness. Feel inspired, optimistic, and passionate about yourself and life and open your heart up to share this loving vibration with others naturally and authentically.

2 (two) Art of Tranquility incense sticks

Coconut, Citrus, Sandalwood

Clear your mind from all chaotic vibrations and find peace, serenity, and tranquility. Harmonize energies to create room for tranquility and peace. Release worry, stress and anxiety.

2 (two) Art of Grace incense sticks

Lemon, Pine, Vanilla, Amber

Create a space of openness and oneness. Be inspired to offer love, grace, and mercy to yourself and others even if it feels undeserving. Reflect your inner light. Feel happy, healthy, and free. Find forgiveness and release any feelings stemming from the ego.

2 (two) Art of Radiance incense sticks

Jasmine, Amberwood, Cedar

Let your light shine and rise to your full potential. Gain clarity, confidence and experience perfect harmony within yourself. Radiate positive energy.

2 (two) Don Vito incense sticks

Lavender, Vetiver, Bergamot

Earth binding lavender, restorative Haitian vetiver, and vibrant bergamot combine to emanate an enticing and enthusing aura. Loyal in its impact and fruitful by its nature, each stick derives inspiration from the essence of Don Vito.